Friday, March 4, 2011

Sidelined By Injury!

So it has been almost 2 weeks since I ran the Austin 1/2 Marathon in my Vibrams and I am having a bit of an issue with my left Achilles tendon and my right knee and IT band.  It started the week after the race with a sore ache in the right leg from the hip down to the ankle all along the IT.  I nursed it a little bit with warm baths and Tiger Balm thinking I could "run it off".  I did about 7 miles in the woods behind our house, alone, nice and slow on the trails, also thinking this would allow me to have a good time, no one to push me etc... I came home from that run with a serious ache in the right leg and a new pain the the left Achilles.

I ran that Saturday, then again on Monday.  I did 6 1/2 miles after work trying to concentrate on my form and allowing my ankles to pronate fully and really trying to lift my feet.  Around mile 4 I felt a tightness in the Achilles and some serious pain in the left knee.

My choices were:
A.  Continue to run to my Jeep about 2 miles away.
B.  Turn around and go the 4-5 miles home on foot... or
C.  Walk the remaining 2-3 miles and be walking in the dark with no phone, wallet or dinner in the next hour.

I chose A. and though I would just slow it down and still be able to walk it off later on.  Man was i wrong!  My pace went from low 8's to high-mid 9's and I thought my legs were going to fall off at times.  I obviously made it to the Jeep and eventually home to a bath, dinner and lots of ointment.

I have not ran more that 10 feet (jogged to the mailbox) since Monday.  The 10-20 feet to the mailbox were not pleasant, hence why it was only 10-20 feet instead of the 200 to the mail...I have 3 races this month, 2 already paid for that I am running and people expecting me to volunteer at the other.  My friend, who is a PT, gave me some advice, which I am following...NO RUNNING!!! ice and heat and ice and heat and stretch and ice and heat and stretch...I think I am supposed to use a foam roller at specific times as well...I do all of these things and the Achilles pain has subsided (except for the ill advised jog to the mail) and the knee only hurts when I am awake...

I promised not to run at least until Wednesday...I may just wait until the race on Saturday...we'll see.  Either way both the 5K on Saturday the 12th and the 10K on the 26th  will both be ran barefoot.  I was going to writ e review of my new Merrell Trail Gloves this Sunday, however, with no running in my near future, it will wait until the end of the month...thanks for reading.  Click the "like" button, share with your friends and follow me for new updates as they happen...

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