Friday, March 11, 2011

Partial Recovery...

So I got home from work today and Amy was gone with Reagan.  I quickly deduced this when her car was in the driveway and her Vibrams were fellow that I am, I figured she was walking the dog.  I quickly changed my uniform for a pair of shorts and a top, tossed my boots in the corner and took off in the opposite direction of where I hoped she had gone.

I was right, about a mile into the run, I found the two of them walking up the hill towards the house.  I stopped and walked the rest of the way with them, remarking how good my Achilles and legs in general, were feeling.  So tomorrow is the 13th annual Red River Run in Alexandria, LA.  I had planned on running it barefoot and still may.  However, I am thinking it will be a great time to test out my Merrell Trail Gloves after wearing them in the gym for 2 weeks.

So the shoe review and a race update will be in store for the 2 or 3 people that actually read this.  Go ahead and click "Like" on Facebook and follow if you are interested in updates.  I am going to reward the people that start following me early, before I become famous.  So if you are interested in getting all sorts of cool stuff in the future, including but not limited to stuff, then go ahead and get in now...

wish me luck, i'm going to need it!

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