Saturday, March 19, 2011

New Training plan

So I previously talked about my new theory regarding my training plan.  I said I would only run as far and as fast I felt like and I would keep the long Saturday/weekend runs and still do 1 "workout" run in the week, probably rotating between track sessions, hill repeats and a tempo run...occasionally doing all of them together for a superheros style workout...we'll see if I ever have the motivation to finish one of those.

I was out for my long run with Erin this morning (Pete was a no show), and we were discussing my past injuries (Erin is a former coach and x-country runner and has finished several marathons).  We agreed that my past injuries (see the past few posts) were probably a combination of things, the most prevalent being just overuse complications and not enough cross training and strength training.  We further discussed my mild form of self diagnosed OCD and that in order to stick to a training plan (or lack of one) I would need to map it out, so that's what this is...

I am required by the Army to workout in some way shape or form 5 days a week.  They pay me to do this and give me at least 1 hour a day to go to the gym.  It is actually a pretty sweet deal.  I would probably shell out the $ for either a gym membership or invest in home gym benches and weights otherwise, so I really am saving money right now with the free, forced, mandatory physical training.  I am in charge of my unit's special population physical training program (injured and on profile. restricting them from normal unit PT) and as such, can and have, designed a workout program for these Soldiers, of which I am one.

This program consists of Monday, Wednesday and Fridays doing some sort of cardiovascular workout.  This is anything from 3 mile walks in groups of 2-3 people, up to elliptical and treadmill runs as individuals.  With the varied injuries that people have sustained in the Army, you can't have a set running program that is for everyone. On Tuesday and Thursday, we all go to the gym and workout with free weights, nautilus machines etc.  I only have one set of rules here and it is to do 2 exercises, with 3 sets each, for your upper body, core and lower body.  This is the minimum and fortunately everyone has enough maturity and motivation to meet these parameters.  I think that this setup gives everyone enough wiggle room to design a plan to meet and maintain personal and professional fitness goals.  It works for me and my leadership likes the plan as well.

I like to switch it up every few weeks, alternating between traditional bench press, curls, squats sit-ups and the treadmill (for cardio days) etc. and using medicine balls, kettle-bells, plyometrics and stationary bike etc.  I have recently decided that instead of just doing whatever I feel like doing I am going to spell out a 6 week training plan and then gauge my fitness using a 10K as the benchmark.  My goal is to improve my time in the 10K by running less and focusing on strength and mobility exercises.  There is an obstacle course about 2 miles from my house in the woods, so that will be incorporated as one of my runs each week.  I will run out to the course, complete the whole thing and run home, using my total time as my gauge for that, trying to beat my time each week.  I am getting ahead of myself.

My goal is to get into great shape and I think a varied strenuous workout plan over the next 6 weeks will accomplish this.  On April 30th I will run a 10K in and around my town, in order to judge how I feel about it. I think that this plan should see me get  into the best shape I have been in for a few years.  I also hope that with this program I will lose about 10 lbs and see significant changes in my body fat and visual body composition.  If there is a change then I will post photos...if there isn't then I wont'...I will just forget that I wrote this and move on with my fairly ordinary existence...

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