Sunday, February 27, 2011

New Stuff on the Way

So Amy and I went shopping the other day to get her some new clothes and what not.  The trade that I slipped in while at the register was that I could get the new Merrell Trail Gloves now...right?  She responded yes that I could get them.

Yesterday I ordered my new shoes and am eagerly awaiting them to get here to go for a run in them.  I was then asked what ever happened to the North face hoodie that she wanted?  I went to my favorite online dealer of that brand of clothing and after a bit of searching, I found a nice black hooded sweatshirt and thought why not look at some running jackets as well...I did need a nice wind/water proof jacket for clod wet mornings...I found a sweet Torpedo jacket and decided why not, it is on sale.

So next weekend when I am sitting around with nothing to do I will take both the jacket and the shoes out for a run and write my first review of these two products.  I will then try to write a review on y KSOs that have been giving me miles and months of great service.

I will also try to write a bit on the last race I ran and the upcoming races for March that I am participating in.  Austin 1/2 Marathon on February 20th, and several local 5K's and the Red River Run in Alexandria, LA (10K).  Stay Tuned...

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