Monday, March 14, 2011

Merrell Trail Glove Review at the 13th annual Red River Run (RRR)

So Saturday was my first 10K and the first time I wore my Merrell's running.  If you have been reading this, then you know that I have been having some injury issues.  I decided to us e the RRR as my recovery race and also to test out the new kicks.  I must first say that the RRR was great!  Kegs and pasta salad at the end, mmmm.

On to the shoes.  I have been wearing the Trail Gloves around for a couple of weeks, to the gym, the store etc.  I have only been walking and standing in them to give them a chance to break in a bit.  I read other reviews about them, one guy said injinji's were a nice addition the first time out, another said no socks...I went with the injinji's as I had not run a lick in 12 days.  The feel of the shoes are great.  They are nothing like my KSO's, and nothing like my old Asics or Nike Free's, they are a new and very original feel.

I did a few repeat sprints on the levee before the race and was amazed at how the shoes just let you run in the best form you have mastered.  Some footwear takes away from your form, these just allow you to run.  That being said, they are still shoes...I ran for a few minutes to warm up then headed to the start line.

I started out at a 7:30 pace and decided, after a 1/2 mile, to see if I could hold it.  Around mile 5 I decided I couldn't hold the pace any longer and had to slow down to about a 7:45 to finish in 47:12.60, not a bad time overall and a really good time considering my runs are all at 9ish and I had not run at all in 12 days.  I came in 38th overall and 6th in my age group.  Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) my age group in Alexandria, LA is extremely competitive.

The only issue I had with these shoes was a small hotspot on the front/side of my big toe.  I am sure this will go away as soon as I run in them more and my feet get used to them.  That being said, I think of that issue as a major downfall, I shouldn't have to "get used to" my "barefoot" shoes, should I?  Overall they are a great shoe and I think that I sold a pair to a new friend at the race.  He is doing ultras and needs a shoe for them...I recommend Merrell Trail Gloves, KSO's or reverse order probably, as my top 3 choices for long distance minimalist running options.

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