Saturday, September 3, 2011

stupid rain...drizzle is for kids...

So, my running group's (Erin and I) weekend run is traditionally Saturday morning.  Lo and behold, Tropical Storm Lee decided to show up at exactly 0645 as I was lacing up my shoes.  I checked our Facebook page and there were comments regarding not running in the rain and how I "obviously" wouldn't run in get the idea, wimpy stuff that makes no sense...who doesn't love a nice run in a tropical storm? right?

Anyway, I texted my running partner, letting her know I would be at her house in 7 minutes, be ready for a trail run.  If running in the rain is in your future, why not go down some trails that are sure to get you covered n mud...  So we meet up and it has just started to rain so we laugh really quick about how silly this is and then head for the woods.

It is about a mile before you get into the "real woods", "real" woods being identified by dirt, not gravel and side trees, not just overhead.  So the branches are a nice obstacle to dodge and the dirt has a certain shiny quality to it as we tear off down a side trail.  If anyone has run in central Louisiana in the woods, in the rain (or just after it), then you know how the mud clings to your feet, giving you a free pair of shape-ups.  We both have to stop a few times to scrape and or fling the mud off of our shoes before we find the sweet spot in the wet grass/edge of the trail.

The plan was to run 4 on Friday (I did...4.21 actually), 6 today, 8 on Sunday and then cap it with an easy 2 on Monday.  I knocked out the 6 today and with the rain looking like it will continue through the weekend, the 8 planned for tomorrow should be pretty messy...I am a big fan of running in the rain, but 3 days will get a little old.  We shall see...

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