Saturday, August 27, 2011

really? months since my last post...

So, I am sitting at home watching the news, wondering how much of a problem Hurricane Irene will be for my family up north...
My entire family (with a few exceptions) lives in either Massachusetts or New Jersey.  While I waste away in central Louisiana, my wife is at "home" visiting and vacationing in Laconia, NH and Gardner, MA.  Her flight was supposed to be Sunday afternoon, now AA says Tuesday instead.  Not sure if I am too happy about that. I know that with everyone there and extra food and generators it will probably be fine, but I still worry.

Now, on to other more interesting updates since last least it seems like it has been that long since I wrote.  I have limited the amount of running I am doing.  I usually only run about 10 miles a week right now.  The weekends consist of a 4-6 mile effort with Erin and now Aleece, while the week has a few treadmill efforts, usually 3/4 mile repeats for 3-4 miles at a nice pace.  I mix in a few days of some light crossfit and HIIT (high intensity interval training) and that is it.  I have made a few new commitments recently as well...

Monday I start college classes (Eng Comp Monday/Wednesday afternoons, Psych and Govt on the weekends), agreed to help train my buddy Pete for an Ultra-marathon (with a few regualr marathons thrown in for good luck) can follow his progress here  So that should be fun!  I plan on ramping up the training next week (I planned on it this week, but got real sick and was in bed a few days), doubling it up on Saturday and Sunday mornings.  Probably do 4-6 miles each weekend day with a few early mornings through the week.

My Bike!!!  I sent it in for services a few weeks ago, got it back and it is in tip-top condition now!  I went on a few tester runs to work and back and plan on adding that to my routine as well.  I figure I can ride my bike to work almost everyday and get some extra burn there...  Down here in central Louisiana we are having a MTB Festival called the Fat Tire Festival in October that is being promoted through Red River Cyclery ( and should be a great weekend of riding.  I just need to get ready for it!

On a personal note, my wife and I are expecting a baby in the spring!  We are both super excited about this and have been trying for years to start our family and finally have been blessed with a child on the way.  My time in the Army is also approaching the end soon...I have decided to part ways and am looking forward to moving back east (probably Virginia) and going back to school full time to become a history teacher...might need a little bit of luck on getting through 3 years of school!

So with all of that said, I am going to make a real honest effort to write at least weekly on here and will start including my weekly workouts and how it is going on all the other aspects if they interest me...My dog is laying on the floor next to me crying and making little grunting noises, which means she wants to chase the ball in the back yard...time to go...thanks for reading and remember to like, share and spread the word!

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